Get to know... Sanghmitra Hitaishi

Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:35 PM IST

Actor @sanghmitrahitaishi is enjoying the success of Dahaad & memories of Cannes. She dreams of winning an Oscar or Palme d’Or someday

Sanghmitra Hitaishi is listening to What Happens to the Heart by Leonard Cohen,
ByUrvee Modwel

Weekend Drive by Hormazd Sorabjee: Rise up in re-volt

The facelift of the Audi Q8 e-tron brings some subtle improvements on styling and a long range unmatched by other EVs

The new Q8 e-tron has better aerodynamics, more features and, crucially, the Sportback version can go 600km on a single charge.
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:37 PM IST

Spectator by Seema Goswami: Just doing their duty

The price tags don’t vary by much. The best deals, in fact, are online. So why do fliers still shop for luxury at the airport?

Maybe shopping at airport duty-free stores in places such as Bangkok (above) is just what travellers need – a final blast of holiday fun before they go back to the dreary business of daily living. (AlexDreamliner, gnoparus / shutterstock)
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 03:44 PM IST

Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: Risk it for the biscuit

Tea and biscuits are a slam-dunk pairing. The kind of biscuit and the kind of tea make all the difference. Yet, many are partial to good old Indian Bourbon

The Oreo (bottom) is not part of our tradition. India’s popular chocolate-sandwich biscuit, Bourbon (middle), is beaten out in the UK by the dark-chocolate digestive (top). (Shutterstock)
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:34 PM IST

Mother promise: How Poorna Jagannathan became TV’s best mum

For Poorna Jagannathan, fame was never the end goal. Now that she’s tasted success, playing a feisty mom on Never Have I Ever, she’s realigning her priorities

Actor Poorna Jagannathan’s two-decade-long journey has been riddled with pauses. “Most of my career, there were like two tiny projects a year. There was no pace; it was a snail’s pace. There were no roles for women who look like me,” she says. Stylist: Tania Fadte, hair and makeup: Sandhya Shekar, clothes: Rajesh Pratap Singh. (Vikas Vasudev)
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:34 PM IST

Pets v/s pettiness: When the world can’t adjust to furry friends

Adjusting to life with a furry friend is tough enough. It’s harder when the world beyond still won’t acknowledge the bond

Teething is common among puppies. They will chew on everything, furniture to flip-flops, till you train them to stick to their chew toys. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:32 PM IST

Purse-pective: What your wallet says about you

Do you struggle to find things in your wallet? Or are you super organised? Here’s what that says about your personality

In a cashless world, owning a money clip means you have smartly diversified storage. If the clip’s just for carefully-arranged bills, there’s probably a separate one for business and for credit cards. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Aug 06, 2023 11:55 AM IST

Shaming in small doses: The trouble with Indian gynaecologists

Gynaecologists still chastise unmarried women for having a sex life. See how moralising slows down healthcare, affecting us all

Doctor G (2022) follows the struggles of Ayushmann Khurrana, a medical student reluctantly training to become a gynaecologist, which highlights the struggles of their profession.
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:28 PM IST
ByKarishma Kuenzang

The Brunch round-up: The week and how it made us feel

Fans crossing the line, influencers getting VIP treatment, Taylor Swift's new show idea, mustard-flavored Skittles, and an onscreen kiss getting applause

One guy threw his drink at Cardi B at a gig. She flung (above) her microphone at him in anger.
Updated on Aug 04, 2023 10:56 PM IST
ByHT Brunch Team

Prick or treat: What are injectables? Are they safe for you?

Don’t frown. More Indians are getting fillers and other injectables to look younger. Is the needle the new scalpel?

Kylie Jenner’s bountiful lips, she’s acknowledged, come not from her line of lipsticks but from regular jabs of volumiser. (instagram/@kyliejenner)
Updated on Aug 01, 2023 07:25 PM IST

Spoilers Ahead by Rajeev Masand: Sun, sand and bromance

Healthy male friendships aren’t often depicted honestly on screen, but when directors get it right, it makes for powerful viewing

It’s been 22 years since Dil Chahta Hai, a generation-defining film about the lives and loves of three male friends, was released. Yet it remains one of the most true-to-life depictions of male friendship in modern Hindi cinema.
Updated on Jul 28, 2023 08:17 PM IST

The final letdown: These 10 series had the most disappointing endings

TV shows with disappointing endings: How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones, Lost, Dexter, Gilmore Girls, 13 Reasons Why, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Two and a Half Men.

How I Met Your Mother’s (2005-2014) final season ended up untangling its own mess.
Updated on Jul 28, 2023 08:17 PM IST

Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: Boarding pass... or fail?

Airports have descended into a new hell. Waiting lines are longer, the food is worse. The tech, dated. A few manage to surprise

The opening scene of Love Actually (2003) is set at Heathrow’s arrival area, and features Liam Neeson and Claudia Schiffer (below) welcoming loved ones. It’s a far cry from Heathrow of today.
Updated on Jul 28, 2023 08:17 PM IST

Spectator by Seema Goswami: To cook or not to cook?

It’s certainly not women’s work. But women no longer have to choose between the kitchen and their careers. Cooking is a life skill. And it’s strangely liberating

In Chocolat (2000) a French woman (Juliette Binoche, below with Dame Judi Dench) and her daughter move to a small remote village and open up a chocolate shop that shakes up the rigid morality of the community.
Updated on Jul 28, 2023 08:16 PM IST

Smells like team spirit: Why organised fandom is having its moment

Storm coming? Turn on the fans. On social media, fandom now runs so deep, wields so much power, it can make or break a celebrity. See how loyalists steer the show

On social media, superfans are increasingly calling the shots. They rally for their idols, track updates, turn posts viral, even pick fights. It’s delighting and distressing celebs.
Updated on Jul 28, 2023 08:16 PM IST
ByKarishma Kuenzang

Get to know... Karishma Tanna

Actor Karishma Tanna enjoys the success of her movie Scoop and winning Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi in 2020. She craves spicy pani puri and her next big splurge will be a wristwatch. She checks Instagram and Audible before bed and wishes she had the superpower of invisibility. She despises two-faced people and never leaves the house without lip balm and keys. The best thing about fame is the perks and relatability, while the worst thing is the loss of privacy.

Advice Karishma Tanna would give her 18-year-old self? “Be diplomatic”.
Updated on Jul 28, 2023 08:15 PM IST

First-time house buyers, here’s how to get your house in order

Don’t fall for those slick ads and cool EMI schemes. A broker, therapist, financial advisor and lawyer list what to do before buying your first home

Check government housing schemes to see if you’re eligible for any reprieve, like they did in (below) Zara Hatke Zara Bachke (2023). Just don’t try to outsmart the system.
Updated on Jul 28, 2023 08:14 PM IST
ByUrvee Modwel

The Brunch round-up: The week and how it made us feel

Mildly disappointed with Zeenat Aman’s IG page, trying not to eat humans, and tracking the Barbie aftermath

Zeenat Aman’s page (@TheZeenatAman) fired up the ’gram because it was a pure, happy space. It was only a matter of time before commerce sneaked in.
Updated on Jul 28, 2023 08:13 PM IST
ByHT Brunch Team

Get to know... Anup Singh

Writer and filmmaker Anup Singh talks about his high and low points in life, his current projects, favorite quote, and more in a short interview.

Get to know... Anup Singh
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:38 PM IST

Double-tap for style: 10 accounts to calm your inner fashionista

Addicted to @DietSabya? Stay fashion forward with these 10 Instagram accounts

Best Dressed
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 08:02 PM IST
ByRiddhi Doshi

Roaring in the deep: BMW’s new SUV

The BMW X1 is a larger and more luxurious SUV compared to previous generations, with a spacious interior and impressive features. But, it has some flaws

Though its priced competitively, the X1 falls slightly short in power output and lacks an all-wheel-drive option, placing it behind some rivals. Nevertheless, it has broadened its appeal and offers a compelling package to luxury SUV buyers in India.
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:29 PM IST

Soirée, not sorry: How to host a dinner party without going crazy

Nigella Lawson won’t host fancy dinners any more. Don’t let that stop you from planning ahead and pulling off a fun, sophisticated night at home with friends

There is no point hosting a dinner party if the experience is just going to stress you out. The idea of having friends and family over is to enjoy time with your loved ones, not fret about whether the soufflés will rise or the jelly will set. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:27 PM IST

House proud: India’s top creative people open up their personal spaces

An architect, a singer, an interior designer and an IRL prince draw on art, history, memories and careful planning to create spaces that reflect who they are

Brunch spoke to four creative people, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, philanthropist and executive director at Historic Resort Hotels; architect Dikshu Kukreja; interior designer Minnie Bhatt; and singer Shilpa Rao, about the one spot where find their calm. Come check this...
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:24 PM IST
ByUrvee Modwel

Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: How food stories play out on screen

Movies and series about chefs are hard to pull off. But when done right, with a focus on the kitchen, the food and the people, they make for bingeworthy viewing

I was not expecting to see Huma Qureshi transform into a dumpy Gujarati lady as she does in Tarla, the new Zee5 movie on Tarla Dalal, the most influential Indian cookbook writer of the 20th century. “I have been brought up to believe that biryani is always made with meat,” Qureshi says. “When people compliment me on my performance, I say that if I was convincing when I appeared to enjoy the vegetable biryani, then yes, it was a good performance.”
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:19 PM IST

Hybrid makeup: Colour, care and maybe a con job

Could make-up pull double duty as skincare? Or does it deliver two bad ideas in one? We get experts to break down some claims

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty promises much more than what makeup usually does. Many other cosmetic brands promise anti-ageing benefits, sun protection and acne care. Don’t substitute makeup for actual skincare, say experts.
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:14 PM IST
ByRiddhi Doshi

Optimist? Pessimist? Realist? How about being all three?

It’s impossible to be strictly an optimist, a pessimist or a realist. So, why are we still living life confined by these categories?

Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met (2017) has the full set: Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) is a pessimist, Geet (Kareena Kapoor Khan) is an eternal optimist, Anshuman (Tarun Arora), comes across as the most level-headed.
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 07:12 PM IST
ByKarishma Kuenzang

The Brunch round-up: The week and how it made us feel

We’re checking out two streaming shows, cheering Taylor Swift, admiring how sports and fashion are collaborating and tripping over a Chocolate hero

With Speak Now, Taylor Swift is the first woman in history to have four albums in the Billboard top 10 at the same time.
Updated on Jul 21, 2023 08:15 PM IST
ByHT Brunch Team

Get to know... Nivedita Saboo

The fashion designer talks about her next splurge, designing a new couture collection, and a fabulous cook – but only when she’s in love

The high point in designer Nivedita Saboo’s life? Topping her class at NIFT, Delhi.
Updated on Jul 25, 2023 04:24 PM IST
ByUrvee Modwel

Listicle: Out of style, out of mind

Skorts, crop tops, stretchy hairbands, platform sneakers, overalls, plastic heels, faux-leather pants, high-low hemlines - these 10 fashion trends need to go

Overalls are unflattering even on a perfect mannequin. It is difficult to find the right onesie for any body type.
Updated on Jul 14, 2023 07:23 PM IST

Spectator by Seema Goswami: Decoding the modern shopper

Shopping is enjoyable, but also intensely personal. How you shop reveals a lot about who you are. Check out these types

There are many different types of shoppers. In Hustlers (2019) Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu shop in high-end stores, where Wu pays $1,000 in cash for her purchase, proving she’s clearly not a needs-based shopper.
Updated on Jul 25, 2023 02:34 PM IST
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