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Severe storms ravage Eastern US: 2 dead, thousands of flight cancelled

Published on Aug 08, 2023 09:23 AM IST

The National Weather Service said more than 29.5 million people were under a tornado watch Monday afternoon.

An umbrella is blown inside out as a person crosses the street during a storm in Washington, DC, on August 7, 2023. (AFP)
AP | | Posted by Nisha Anand

Huge blue whale washes up on beach in southern Chile

Residents of the city of Ancud, on Chiloe island, first spotted the giant marine mammal Saturday on a Pacific ocean beach.

Handout picture released by Defendamos Chiloe environmentalist organization showing a Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) stranded on the beach of Ancud, on Chiloe island, Los Lagos region, Chile.(AFP)
Published on Aug 07, 2023 06:40 AM IST

Beijing rains heaviest since records began 140 years ago

Heavy rains began pummelling China's capital and surrounding areas on Saturday, with average rainfall for the month of July dumped on Beijing in just 40 hours.

Rescue workers wade through floodwaters after remnants of Typhoon Doksuri brought rains and floods in Beijing, China August 2, 2023. (Reuters)
Published on Aug 02, 2023 11:16 AM IST

Australia's Great Barrier Reef off UNESCO danger list but…

Great Barrier Reef: The UN panel, in its latest report, "noted with appreciation" the commitments and initial actions by the Australian government.

A green turtle swims through corals on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns, Australia.(Reuters)
Updated on Aug 01, 2023 08:32 AM IST

Europe's most vital trade route Rhine River at risk due to climate change

Low waters are becoming more frequent and forcing costly and cumbersome workarounds to keep supply lines open.

Transport vessels cruise past the partially dried riverbed of the Rhine river in Bingen, Germany.(REUTERS)
Published on Jul 31, 2023 12:29 PM IST
Bloomberg | | Posted by Nisha Anand

Melting of Ladakh glacier could form three glacial lakes: Study

Glacial lakes are formed when a glacier erodes the land and then melts, filling the depression created by the glacier.

Parkachik Glacier is one of the largest glacier in the Suru River valley, which is a part of the Southern Zanskar Ranges, western Himalaya.(AP/ Representative image)
Published on Jul 29, 2023 03:14 PM IST
PTI | | Posted by Yagya Sharma

Cause and Effect | Scientist’s job isn’t negotiating but giving evidence to govt

The IPCC has begun work on its seventh assessment report in Nairobi, Kenya. In an interview with HT, Aditi Mukherji explains the process.

Aditi Mukherji, director, Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Impact Area Platform, International Water Management Institute
Published on Jul 27, 2023 10:21 AM IST
ByTannu Jain

What's happening with the cheetahs?

Gaps in pre-project planning, different climate and politics between states hamper India’s biggest big cat translocation project

The cheetahs, however, continued to die.(ANI- Representative image)
Published on Jul 26, 2023 06:24 PM IST

Forest Conservation (Amendment) Bill passed in Lok Sabha despite concerns

The bill was passed amid protests as the deadlock over the opposition’s insistence on PM Modi’s statement in the House on the Manipur violence continued.

The bill was in March referred to a Joint Parliamentary Committee. (ANI)
Updated on Jul 26, 2023 04:20 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

Interview | “Paddy farming is no reason for landslides in western ghats”

Eminent geologist Madhav Gadgil, responsible for the 2010 Gadgil Committee report on protecting the biodiversity hotspot busts myths on the Irshalwadi landslide

NDRF calls off rescue operation in Raigad landslides on Sunday. (AFP)
Published on Jul 24, 2023 08:06 PM IST

Climate change, poor prices deterred tomato growers from cultivating the crop

Intense heat, unseasonal rains and deficit monsoon inflated tomato prices as supply crumbled

The lowest prices for tomatoes recorded in May ranging from <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>2.5 to <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>5 a kilo was not enough to even cover transport costs for most farmers.(HT Photo)
Published on Jul 24, 2023 07:14 PM IST
ByKetaki Ghoge

Explained: How climate change will impact animals

The study also stresses that climate change has been recognised as a major factor in driving population declines across many species of marsupial.

Tourists look at a wild elephant through an electric fence at the Udawalawe wildlife sanctuary in Udawalawe on May 30. (AFP)
Published on Jul 21, 2023 04:23 PM IST

From heat wave to thunderstorms, third of US to see extreme weather

Around 110 million Americans are affected by an oppressive heat wave that has blanketed a huge swath stretching from Southern California to Miami.

A woman finds shade in the midday heat from a parasol in North Hollywood, California on Wednesday, as a heatwave continues. (AP)
Updated on Jul 21, 2023 04:50 AM IST
Reuters | | Posted by Lingamgunta Nirmitha Rao

Here's what makes 2023 monsoon different from previous ones

Increasingly, heavy intensity rains contribute to most of the season’s rainfall. We're now at the half-way mark and we're already noticing this trend

The overall rainfall quantum that may be normal for the season does not reflect the extremes in a season in terms of impact, distribution and scale of rainfall.(PTI)
Published on Jul 20, 2023 02:24 AM IST
By, Jayashree Nandi

Alaska volcano eruption eases after producing towering ash cloud. See photos

An ash cloud with an initial height of around 5.5 miles (8.9 kilometers) was reported following the morning eruption of Shishaldin Volcano.

This web camera image provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows a low-level ash plume from the Shishaldin Volcano captured on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.(AP)
Published on Jul 19, 2023 09:53 AM IST
AP | | Posted by Nisha Anand

Magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes Alaska Peninsula region, tsunami warning issued

US Earthquake: The quake was at a depth of 9.3 km (5.78 miles), USGS said.

US Alaska Earthquake: The US Tsunami Warning System issued a tsunami threat after the earthquake.(Representational)
Updated on Jul 16, 2023 12:58 PM IST

Heatwaves sweep across globe: US, Japan, Europe roast in record temperatures

Regions of France, Germany, Spain and Poland are also baking in searing temperatures.

A person transports water jugs through a neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona.(Getty Images via AFP)
Published on Jul 15, 2023 03:31 PM IST
AFP | | Posted by Nisha Anand

Cause and effect | Beyond the headlines about Delhi's floods

Extreme weather events led to the immense amount of rain received by India's capital and is an indication of the impact of climate change.

Commuters at a flooded road near the Red Fort as the Yamuna river flooded low-lying areas of New Delhi.(PTI)
Published on Jul 14, 2023 09:53 PM IST
ByTannu Jain

Yamuna water levels cross record high amid floods in Delhi. What happened?

Around 41,000 people live in low lying areas, which are prone to flooding, around the Yamuna in Delhi.

Residents carry their belongings on rickshaws through a street flooded with the rising water level of river Yamuna after heavy monsoon rains in New Delhi.(Reuters)
Updated on Jul 12, 2023 04:17 PM IST

EU faces crucial vote on bill on nature protection and climate action

The bill is a key part of the European Green Deal that seeks to establish the world's most ambitious climate and biodiversity targets.

The Green Deal includes a wide range of measures, from reducing energy consumption to sharply cutting transportation emissions and reforming the EU’s trading system for greenhouse gases.(Unsplash)
Published on Jul 11, 2023 04:45 PM IST
AP | | Posted by Nisha Anand

Water wars: Disputes over sharing natural resources

The water-sharing dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is one of several tussles between different states. A deeper dive into what's at stake for neighbours

A water-sharing dispute concerning the river Pennaiyar was settled a decade after a tribunal settled a long legal battle over the Cauvery River between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (HT Archive)
Published on Jul 11, 2023 01:05 PM IST

Parliament panel holds final meet on draft forest bill ahead of monsoon session

Several state governments, environmental groups and opposition parties are said to be opposed to some provisions of the draft legislation

The bill would also cover only land that has been declared or notified as a forest under the Indian Forest Act, 1927, or under any other law (HT)
Updated on Jul 11, 2023 01:18 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi, New Delhi

Heat waves are here to stay, it's time we prepare for them

Climate disasters need mitigation efforts, relief measures and most importantly, meticulous data collection. We're still not alert for deaths caused due to heat

Heat wave-related deaths are a cause for concern, as it is difficult to put a number to the deaths due to heat stress because most are not even documented.(Rahul Raut/HT PHOTO)
Updated on Jul 10, 2023 03:35 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

Should you be worried about solar storms? Debunking the viral myth

Reports of an impending 'internet apocalypse' caused by solar storms are unfounded and misleading, according to experts.

Debunking reports of an impending 'internet apocalypse' caused by solar storms(Nasa)
Published on Jul 10, 2023 01:28 PM IST

Lighthouse lights are losing their sweep

Efficiency is gained. Poetry is lost

Hundreds of people walk near the lighthouse in Peggy's Cove, N.S., Tuesday, July 4, 2023. (Darren Calabrese /The Canadian Press via AP)(AP)
Published on Jul 10, 2023 12:08 AM IST
The Economist

Japan can now release Fukushima's ‘radioactive water’ into ocean

The Japanese government has announced that the release of this radioactive water will commence before the end of summer.

This satellite image provided by Maxar Technologies shows the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Fukushima prefecture, Japan on March 14, 2011 after the explosion following an earthquake and tsunami.(via AP)
Published on Jul 08, 2023 08:04 PM IST

Cause and Effect | The unjust climate crisis burden on Africa

Africa is reeling from the climate crisis, despite contributing 3.8% of the world’s emissions

Africa, a continent of 30,365,000 square km land area and 1.4 billion people — around 17% of the global population — is responsible for just 3.8% of the world’s total greenhouse-gas emissions.(REUTERS)
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 06:53 PM IST
ByTannu Jain

Chinese scientists are saving the melting Dagu glacier from the sun. Here's how

The experiment in the Tibetan Plateau could help preserve thousands of jobs, though it’s a temporary solution as global temperatures continue to rise.

European ski resorts have been using white blankets to protect their snow for nearly two decades. But China has only just begun experimenting with the approach. (Representative)(AFP)
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 10:27 AM IST
Bloomberg |

Global temperatures smash records, underscore danger of greenhouse gas emissions

The average worldwide temperature reached 17C (63F) on Monday, just above the previous record of 16.9C in August 2016.

The heat this summer has already put millions of people around the world at risk. (HT File Photo)
Published on Jul 05, 2023 03:55 PM IST
Bloomberg | | Posted by Sreelakshmi B
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