Everyone should own at least one pocket knife. Even if you just need a blade to open packages, a pocket knife is immensely useful in everyday life. And, as you know by now, we are serious EDC enthusiasts here at Cool Material. So, we decided to put together a comprehensive guide, a love letter, to the humble pocket knife.

Whether you’re talking multi-tools, fixed blade, or teeny folding knives, we’ve got you covered. We’re presenting deep dives into useful topics like how to sharpen your dull pocket knife. Or all the key knife blade terminology when you’re buying a new knife. Want to learn about the hot new knife companies making a splash in the EDC gear world? You’ll find them here.

Welcome to Cool Material’s comprehensive guide to all things pocket knives.


13 Pocket Knife Brands You Should Know

If you're just beginning your journey through the world of pocket knives, these are the eight brands you should know. Meet the upstarts and independent producers making waves in the EDC community.

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The Complete Guide to Pocket Knife Blade Shapes

Serrated, drop point, pen knife. What does it all mean? Fear not, because we've put together an in-depth guide with explanations on pocket knife blade terminology.

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14 Pocket Knives for the Guy Who Doesn’t Carry Pocket Knives

Looking for a starter pocket knife? You've come to the right place. We've rounded up 14 of the best pocket knives for the EDC novice. From multi-tool pocket knives to razor-sharp beasts, this is the ultimate entry-level pocket knife guide.

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What’s the Deal with Damascus Steel?

You might've heard the term thrown around but what exactly is Damascus steel? This beautiful, swirling pattern dates back hundreds of years and is only now becoming in vogue among pocket knife enthusiasts. We tracked down the history and the best modern makers of Damascus steel pocket knives.

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How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife

It's tedious work but sharpening your pocket knife is essential for blade safety. We put together a simple explanation on how to sharpen a pocket knife with all the tools you'll need to get a razor-sharp blade.

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The Spyderco Knives You Need for Your EDC Setup

Spyderco is as close to a household name in the pocket knife world as you can get. If you don't know, now you know. We picked out several of the best offerings from this beloved pocket knife brand spanning entry-level to top-tier choices.

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Are Butterfly Knives Illegal?

There is a rich history surrounding butterfly knives or balisongs, a type of folding pocket knife that originated in the Philippines. But, are they actually legal? We found out.

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The Complete Guide to Opinel Numbers

Opinel makes some of our favorite pocket knives around. From entry-level options to expert knives, there's an artfully made blade for everyone! We put together a comprehensive guide to all of Opinel's finely crafted pocket knives.

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