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The upcoming Hummer EV is a huge hit and all pre-order sales have been spoken for. You can, however, get a much cheaper two-wheel drive version that’s, well, not a car. The GMC Hummer EV All-Wheel-Drive e-Bike will be built by Recon Power Bikes for GMC. It will have two electric motors that will propel the bike to speeds over 28 mph. The e-bike will also have three drive modes to choose from: Cruise, Traction, and Adrenaline. Each mode works in different environments and utilizes the front, rear, or both wheels to make the most of each situation. The bike will be sold online and at GMC dealers for just under $4,000, and you can pre-order now for $500. Then you can tell people you were lucky enough to get yourself an electric Hummer.

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