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Stutz is an American car company that’s no longer in existence, but it was something back in the day. This 1971 Blackhawk was all kinds of visual excess, just right for the ’70s version of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The black-on-black coupe has a V-8 engine, whitewall tires with gold wire wheels (including a trunk-mounted spare), chrome trim, a V8 engine with an automatic transmission, wood trim, and some serious pimpin’ style. The car was detailed by none other than famed car customizer George Barris. In case you’re questioning the car’s provenance, a copy of Elvis’s 1971 California New Vehicle ID shows that the car is registered in his name, as well as a plaque that shows Elvis gifted it to his physician Elias Ghanem. This piece of automotive and music history will go up for auction via Mecum at its Las Vegas 2022 sale from November 10-12.

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