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As Worn & Wound notes, the WW75 was simply designed to be a joy to wear. In collaboration with Timex, W&W may have created the perfect watch of the season. It’s a marriage of form and function brought together with the years of experience provided by both collaborators. With the WW75, you’re not going to find large promises of luxury or any rugged fantasies; instead, you’re going to find a daily-wear style watch that’s driven by personality and design.

It’s all in the details here. Starting with its slightly vintage, almost quirky, case measuring in at 37mm x 43mm case. Next, it comes in two colorways for the wearer to choose from: either a black dial with a grass green ring and a dark green textile strap, or a subtle teal, paired with an off-white outer ring on the dial and a brown leather strap like something right out of The Life Aquatic.

One can expect two giants in the watch industry to not just create a pretty watch, but one that performs well, too. Its hardware includes a Sea-Gull TY6 Manual Wound movement complete with 20-jewels for smooth movement every time you look down at your wrist.

Ultimately, the aesthetics of the watch are designed not for just the season or a hyped-up release, but to invite you to wear this timepiece for years to come — and find new ways to love it.

High Five

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