Chandrayaan-3 lowers lunar orbit. What's ahead for Moon soft landing

Published on Aug 07, 2023 12:49 PM IST

Chandrayaan-3 latest updates: The spacecraft successfully lowers lunar orbit, health normal, next operation on August 9, landing attempt on August 23.

The Moon, as viewed by Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft during Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI), on Sunday. (ISRO/ANI)
By | Edited by Chandrashekar Srinivasan

Watch: Chandrayaan-3 shares first-ever images after entering Moon's orbit

The clip shows intricate details of the Moon's craters as the craft approaches towards it.

Chandrayaan-3 sends clip to ISRO(ISRO (Twitter))
Updated on Aug 07, 2023 05:43 AM IST

NASA restores contact with Voyager 2 after 'interstellar shout'

Voyager 2's twin Voyager 1 was mankind's first spacecraft to enter the interstellar medium, in 2012, and is currently almost 15 billion miles from Earth.

In this Aug. 4, 1977, photo provided by NASA, the
Published on Aug 05, 2023 02:42 AM IST

Watch: Russian scientists produce watermelons at ‘coldest place on Earth’

The team began the process by choosing ‘two types of early-ripening watermelons’ that could adapt to low atmospheric pressure and oxygen scarcity.

This could be positive news for the scientists residing in the region's challenging environment, as they will have a new food variety. (AARI)
Published on Aug 04, 2023 10:18 PM IST

Weird Science | Wriggling worms and the state between life and death

Cryptobiosis, first observed in 1702, is when an organism can power down for a millennium, survive harsh conditions, and then come 'alive' at the right time

Panagrolaimus kolymaensis, revived after 46,000 years (Alexei V Tchesunov and Anastasia Shatilovich via Max Planck Institute)
Published on Aug 04, 2023 08:59 PM IST

End stages of dying sun to actively forming stars: James Webb's recent captures

The near-infrared camera of the Webb telescope has recently sent a series of magnificent images depicting several cosmic activities. Let's find out.

Remnants of a dying star (L). Two actively forming stars (R)(NASA)
Published on Aug 04, 2023 07:35 PM IST

Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission: What is the role of Vikram lander, Pragyan rover?

Chandrayaan 3 is India's ambitious moon mission, launched from the Earth on July 14. It is expected to land on the moon on August 23.

Chandrayaan-3 was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on Friday, on board the LVM-3 rocket. (ISRO)(HT_PRINT)
Published on Aug 03, 2023 09:55 AM IST

AI-supported mammography found to be safe during trials: Study

The study underlines AI-supported mammography analysis is as good as two breast radiologists working together to detect breast cancer

Representational image. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Updated on Aug 02, 2023 08:59 AM IST

NASA's Voyager 2 signals ‘good health’ after brief blackout

Both Voyager spacecraft carry "Golden Records" -- 12-inch, gold plated copper disks intended to convey the story of our world to extraterrestrials.

A series of planned commands sent to Voyager 2 on July 21, 2023,
Published on Aug 01, 2023 09:51 PM IST
AFP | | Posted by Lingamgunta Nirmitha Rao

Supermoon 2023: ‘Sturgeon moon’ visible today. What is it?

The first supermoon of this year was in July, and the last one for 2023 will occur in September. The supermoon on Tuesday is also called as ‘sturgeon moon’.

Supermoon is can be witnessed when the full moon occurs near or at the closest point to Earth in its orbit.(Reuters File)
Published on Aug 01, 2023 07:19 PM IST

NASA's update on Voyager 2 as contact remains lost after wrong command

Voyager 2 was launched in 1977 to explore the outer planets, just a couple weeks ahead of its identical twin, Voyager 1.

NASA said Monday that its huge dish antenna in Canberra, Australia, is on the lookout for any stray signals from Voyager 2.(REUTERS)
Published on Aug 01, 2023 01:07 PM IST
AP | | Posted by Nisha Anand

‘…with ISRO’: Australian Space Agency's big update on object found on beach

The Australian Space Agency said the debris will remain in storage and it was working with the ISRO, to seek confirmation to determine the next steps.

A cylindrical object is seen on beach in Green Head, Australia, July 17, 2023.(AP)
Published on Jul 31, 2023 03:12 PM IST

Europe's most vital trade route Rhine River at risk due to climate change

Low waters are becoming more frequent and forcing costly and cumbersome workarounds to keep supply lines open.

Transport vessels cruise past the partially dried riverbed of the Rhine river in Bingen, Germany.(REUTERS)
Published on Jul 31, 2023 12:29 PM IST
Bloomberg | | Posted by Nisha Anand

OceanGate co-founder envisions sending 1,000 humans to Venus by 2050

Guillermo Söhnlein said there is a sliver of the Venusian atmosphere about 30 miles from the surface where humans could theoretically survive.

OceanGate Expeditions co-founder Guillermo Söhnlein (Facebook/Guillermo Söhnlein)
Published on Jul 30, 2023 08:44 PM IST

How thinking hard makes the brain tired

A neurometabolic account

In other words, cognitive work results in chemical changes in the brain, which present behaviourally as fatigue. (Shutterstock)
Published on Jul 29, 2023 02:01 AM IST
The Economist

New research reveals reason behind rising cannabis poisoning cases in America

A new study from the University of Sydney reveals that the legalization of marijuana has led to an increase in cannabis poisoning cases in the US

The University of Sydney conducted a systematic review of 30 published studies, which shed light on the connection between marijuana legalization and poisoning rates in the US.(AFP)
Published on Jul 27, 2023 08:15 PM IST
ByPaurush Omar

NASA power outage briefly disrupts contact with International Space Station

Mission Control couldn't send commands to the station and talk with the seven astronauts in orbit.

The International Space Station (ISS) photographed by Expedition 56 crew members from a Soyuz spacecraft after undocking.(REUTERS)
Published on Jul 26, 2023 05:49 PM IST
AP | | Posted by Nisha Anand

What was The Manhattan Project, which made Oppenheimer ‘father of atomic bomb’

The Manhattan Project which began in 1942, successfully harnessed nuclear energy for the first time in the world in 1945.

Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, creator of the atom bomb, is shown at his study at the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton, N.J., Dec. 15, 1957. (AP)
Updated on Jul 27, 2023 07:39 PM IST

Chandrayaan-3 to escape Earth's orbit soon: Here's when it will land on moon

Chandrayaan-3 was launched on July 14, a follow-up mission to Chandrayaan-2, which failed at achieving soft landing on lunar surface in September 2019.

Chandrayaan-3 was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on Friday, on board the LVM-3 rocket. (ISRO)
Published on Jul 23, 2023 07:46 PM IST

Female killer whales protect their sons, not daughters, during fights: Study

Orcas have no natural predators, and this subspecies feeds exclusively on salmon, as opposed to prey that can bite back.

An unusually large group of killer whales was spotted off the coast of San Francisco on May 7. (Michael Pierson/Oceanic Society via AP)
Published on Jul 23, 2023 11:48 AM IST
AFP | | Posted by Yagya Sharma

Misdiagnosis leads to over 3.5 lakh deaths every year in US: Study

Diagnostic errors happen largely for a group of five conditions – sepsis, stroke, pneumonia, venous thromboembolism and lung cancer.

The also study said patients should not panic or lose faith in the health care system.(Shutterstock)
Updated on Jul 22, 2023 01:32 PM IST

Weird Science | It is indeed time to worry about the Upside Down

The ground beneath our feet is heating up and causing its own kind of climate change. But there’s a silver lining

Research on climate change has mostly focused on the impact on the atmosphere. But what of the impact underground? (Wiki Commons)
Published on Jul 22, 2023 09:56 AM IST

‘Evidence’ of two planets possibly sharing same orbit around their star found

Astronomers said it’s the strongest evidence yet of this bizarre cosmic pairing, long suspected but never proven.

This image, taken with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), shows the young planetary system PDS 70, located nearly 400 light-years away from Earth. European Southern Observatory via AP)
Published on Jul 21, 2023 02:02 PM IST
AP | | Posted by Nisha Anand

Small mammals may have hunted dinosaurs for food, a new study says

The study questions the theory that dinosaurs dominated the Earth and mammals were a part of their domain.

A handout photo released by the Canadian Museum of Nature shows a fossil of entangled Psittacosaurus (dinosaur) and Repenomamus (mammal) skeletons. (AFP)
Published on Jul 19, 2023 03:04 PM IST
Deutsche Welle |

Google doodle celebrates US scientist Eunice Newton Foote's birthday: Know her

Eunice Newton Foote was born in the 1819 in US' Connecticut and laid the groundwork for the discovery of greenhouse gas effect.

Eunice Newton Foote was an American scientist and women’s rights activist.
Published on Jul 17, 2023 02:52 PM IST

Is age reversal possible? Researchers from Harvard, Maine, and MIT prove yes!

Researchers from Harvard, Maine, and MIT have made a breakthrough in age reversal. Read more about their discovery here!

Researchers from Harvard, Maine, and MIT have made a breakthrough in age reversal using a chemical method to reverse cellular aging. Their study identified six chemical combinations that rejuvenated aged cells within a week without causing unregulated cell growth. (Unsplash)
Published on Jul 16, 2023 11:06 PM IST

Chandrayaan-3: First orbit-raising maneuver successfully performed, says ISRO

Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation have performed the first orbit raising maneuver of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on Saturday.

Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-3, the word for
Updated on Jul 16, 2023 02:19 AM IST

Chandrayaan-3: Why did Chandrayaan-2 lander fail? Why is it a tough mission?

Chandrayaan-3 launch LIVE updates: The mission comes four years after Chandrayaan-2, which failed to achieve the desired soft landing in September 2019.

Images of the far side of the moon show a vastly different landscape - pitted with craters (above right). (NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center / Arizona State University)
Published on Jul 14, 2023 12:04 PM IST

Star is born! NASA celebrates James Webb's first anniversary with stunning image

The James Webb Space Telescope celebrates its first anniversary with a stunning image of a star being born revolutionizing our understanding of the cosmos

In this photo provided by NASA, technicians lift the mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope using a crane,(AP)
Published on Jul 12, 2023 09:25 PM IST
ByPaurush Omar

Much ado about green hydrogen

It's touted to be the next big source of energy. The Centre already has a mission in place, and a Union minister recently promoted the idea. An explainer

India already has a National Green Hydrogen Mission in place, and steps towards implementing it have been in the news lately.(SHUTTERSTOCK)
Updated on Jul 12, 2023 08:22 PM IST
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